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Tips on Car Insurance

– Higher excess: You can opt yourself to pay a higher excess in the event of an insurance claim.

– Do thorough research on the internet, as online car insurance is a lot cheaper.

– You get cheaper insurance if you get an approved immobilizer fitted in your car.

– Get an insurance broker, as he can help you pick the right insurance.

– If you are a student, you may gain some concession from the companies.

– You can also get a cheap car with a small engine, as the more costly the car is, the higher the premium will be.

– By building and protecting a ‘no claims’ bonus you will have a great impact on your insurance rates.

– If your car was very cheap, it may be cost-effective to have third-party, fire and theft insurance, instead of fully comprehensive cover.

– Never give your price first, and never take the first quote from an insurer.

– If you can, get your own copy of Credit Report and show it to the insurance companies, as they will charge you to get it for you during the approval process.